Husk Pants

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Husk Fleece is the ultimate in performance, windtight and water resistant fabric makes these garments your go to pieces! The stretch fabric makes for a comfortable fit and allows you to work with ease. These are heavy-duty garments, durable and made to last.

  • Water resistant
  • Wind tight
  • Jean style hand pockets
  • Belt loops
  • Zipped back pockets
  • Domed front with fly
  • 300gsm fabric: 100% polyester, bonded softshell with a TPU membrane
  • Fleece Liner, waterproof membrane, softshell outer
  • 12,000 mm/m²/24hr fabric waterhead rating
  • 6,000/m² breathability rating
  • 100% windproof
Care instructions

When using your overtrousers/leggings daily we recommend you hang them up when you are finished using them to allow them to dry completely. Removing any excess dirt/mud by rinsing with a hose will help them to dry quicker and reduce the growth of bacteria which can start to rot and weaken the fabric. 

Go easy on the crotch
When you take your overtrousers/leggings off at the end of the day, please don’t fold your overtrousers/leggings inside out over the top of your gumboots. It puts a lot of pressure on the inside lining and the crotch seam. Repeated strain can cause the seam sealing tape to weaken and give way. It also doesn't allow for complete drying of the fabrics. Instead, lay your overtrousers out or ideally hang them up to enable full drying. 


If you want to wash your overtrousers/leggings or store them away at the end of the season: 

  • Please only wash your wet weather gear with a mild/neutral detergent (no bleach) in the washing machine on a gentle cycle at 40°C or lower, when absolutely necessary. 
  • Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Do not soak your garments.
  • Your wet weather gear can be dried using a tumble dryer, but only on a low heat setting – line drying in the shade instead is recommended (and better for the environment!).
  • Please do not iron and do not dry clean.
  • Please do not store in wet conditions as this will impact the waterproof performance of your wet weather gear.


    Well constructed, heavy-duty and highly durable, this is another garment made to last. Keeping you warm and dry with high-performance windtight and water-resistant fabric.