Two long standing betacraft collections are the Techniflex and Technidairy. 
These collections are similar but made with some specific farming activities in mind. They share a number of features such as being made using ultra-high frequency welded seams, a neoprene cuff, a hood with a stiffened peak, reinforced knees and a domed storm flap.

However there is one key feature that makes these collections unique, aside from the colour of course! 

The Fabric Composition
Both collections are made from PU (polyurethane) but they have slightly different compositions in order to enable the Technidairy to be resistant to the acids and detergents commonly used in dairy wash down. 

Techniflex composition

  • ¬†45%PU and 55% Nylon.¬†

Technidairy composition 

  • 72% a PU/PVC blend and 28% Nylon


What is a high frequency welded seam?
Using a high frequency electromagnetic field, the materials are heated and pressure is added to melt and fuse the two materials together. No outside heat is applied, instead the heat is generated within the materials. During cooling under continued pressure, the materials are fused together and a weld has been created.



Written by Grace Pettit