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Our waterproof rainwear is designed with both functionality and style in mind. Each garment is made from the highest quality materials, ensuring that it is 100% waterproof and breathable. We use a world class technology that provides optimal protection from the elements, so you can stay warm and dry for as long as you need. Our experienced team of cutters and sewers use precise techniques to create garments that are both comfortable and durable. With our commitment to quality and attention to detail, you can trust that our rainwear will provide you with the ultimate protection from the elements.

100% Waterproof | 25000mm/m²/24hr
100% Breathable | 5000gm/m²/24hr
100% Windproof | For the extremes
Recycled fabrics | GRS Certified
Magnetic closures | No more domes
Tetratec | Advanced layer technology
  • Why is rainwear called ISO940?
    The name ISO940 refers to its suitability in challenging weather conditions and it's based on Isobar readings. An ISO reading of 940 signifies cloudy, windy weather with a possibility of rain and storms.

    Why did Betacraft change fasteners to magnetic?
    Based on customer feedback, mainly from farmers and agricultural workers, the company replaced dome/stud buttons with magnetic clasps for easy and clean opening/closing. The ISO940 trousers also feature magnetic leg closures and zipped sides for easy boot access.

    What is Tricot Fabric?
    Tricot is a unique zigzag-woven fabric produced on a flatbed knitting machine. It's textured on one side and smooth on the other, making it soft and sturdy for activewear. Tricot fabrics are often made of Nylon Spandex or Polyester Spandex blends, providing a comfortable 4-way stretch with breathable properties.

    Why do some trousers have shaped knees?
    The tapered leg style provides a flattering silhouette, definition, and prevents fabric stretching/weakness in the knee area. The structural pleats also help reduce fabric thickness behind the knees when legs are bent.

  • What is Tetratec Four Layer Fabric Construction?
    Betacraft ISO940 has a Tetratec four-layer fabric construction for ultimate waterproofness and breathability. “Tetra” comes from the Greek word “tettares”, meaning four (representing the four layers); “tec” refers to the technical construction.The four layers include:

    Outer Fabric: Woven nylon fabric with a high denier rating and rip-stop structure. It has an advanced coating for waterproofing and sealed seams to prevent rips and tears.

    Inner Lining: Duo layer moisture-wicking linings to provide breathability, dryness, comfort and protection. The double layer offers a comfortable feel against the skin and protects seams from wear and tear.

    What is ripstop fabric?
    Ripstop fabric is a type of fabric with a crosshatch pattern of reinforcement threads that give it extra strength. This prevents tears and rips from spreading and provides durability to the fabric.

Lightweight | 200gsm fabric
4-way stretch | 100% of original size
100% waterproof | 8000mm/m²/24hr
Seam-sealed | High frequency welded
Windproof | For the extremes
Tough & Durable | Made to last

Techniflex vs Technidairy

Techniflex (200gsm) is designed for general farm use in wet conditions. Technidairy (340gsm) is designed with the dairy farmer in mind, and is able to stand up to the acids and chemicals encountered. Both have an extreme waterproof rating of 8000.