Have you considered buying a wool product but haven't been sure about the benefits or the price tag?
We've broken down some of the astounding benefits of wool to help you understand why a wool product is worth the investment.

  • Naturally sourced

    Wool is grown from sunshine, clean air and green pastures on the backs of sheep throughout NZ, making it a completely natural and renewable resource.

  • Planet Friendly

    Wool is fully biodegradable making it ocean safe and planet friendly.

  • Suporting NZ farmers

    There is approximately 220,000 tonnes of wool, roughly 5.4kg per sheep, that is harvested annually from farms in New Zealand.

  • Animal welfare

    The shearing of sheep is a completely painless process that helps prevent animal health concerns such as fly-strike.

  • Temperature regulation

    A sheep can maintain it's body temperature at 0°C (with no wind run) with just 20mm of wool length. The structure of a single wool fibre means warmth is trapped in the fibre and keeps heat near the wearers body. Wool warms on wetting making it the ultimate material for comfy socks no matter the activity.

  • Odour resistant

    The microscopic structure of a wool fibre means that moisture and odour is wicked away from the wearers skin. Minimising the generation of odour causing bacteria and the environments for them to thrive.

  • Easy to wash

    Putting your wool garments out in direct sunlight to air is the best way to refresh them. Due to the protective coating on wool it is naturally stain resistant. If your wool needs a thorough clean up a gentle machine wash and shade dry will have it looking like new again.

  • Long lasting

    Good quality wool has fibres that are long enough with consistent diameter to produce a yarn that maintains its shape and doesn't pill. Modern processing technology has improved the opportunities for poorer qualities fibres such as blending and felting.

  • Building Insulation

    The natural crimp of wool fibres trap warmth. Meaning it works extremely well as insulation for homes and buildings. With added benefits of regulating temperatures, being less flammable, noise deadening as well as antimicrobial.

  • Fire resistance

    You might have seen race car drivers wearing full body suits and helmet liners. These garments are all made of wool to help protect the drivers from fire in the event of a crash. Wool is not easily flammable, doesn't melt, produces less smoke and toxic fumes than other synthetic alternatives.

  • Carpets & flooring

    Wool is the best material for making carpet. The strong wool fibre used for carpet is in abundance in NZ. The natural features of the structure of the wool fibres allow for trapping certain air pollutants improving in home air quality as well as absorbing sound and moisture.

  • Gardens & Nurseries

    The biodegradable nature of wool means that it is the perfect alternative to traditional plastic weed matting for your garden. As well as a great option for mulch and protection for native plantings as common pests such as rabbits that attack native plants are deterred by the cling of wool in their claws.

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