Technidairy Overtrouser

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Technidairy is the cousin to the Techniflex collection. Designed in New Zealand specifically for dairy farm use by withstanding the acids and detergents used in dairy shed washdown.

The Technidairy overtrouser is great for milking, rearing calves or even just shifting the break. 

This range is 100% waterproof and constructed using ultra-high frequency welded seams.  Superior flexibility and stretch to provide the ultimate in comfort and durability.

  • 100% Waterproof; 8,000m2 waterproof rating
  • 100% Windproof
  • Acid resistant
  • 2 domed side access pockets, for easy access to your shorts/trouser pockets
  • Elasticated drawcord waist, to keep your strides where they should be
  • Domed cuff
  • Minimal seams to ensure maximum waterproofness
  • Internal TPU knee patch for added strength/waterproofness at a high wear area
  • Extra wide crotch weld to ensure maximum strength
  • 340 gsm fabric made from 72% Polyurethane/PVC outer and 28% Nylon Backer
  • Knitted nylon backing cloth for extreme strength
  • Lightweight four-way stretch fabric; fabric can stretch 50% of its original size
  • Antimicrobial waterproof treatment to backing cloth to reduce smell and to repel water
  • Lightweight for maximum maneuverability
  • European-made fabric
  • Easy clean, wipeable fabric
  • High-frequency welded seams for maximum waterproofness
Care instructions
  1. Hose it down
  • Wash down your garments with the hose at the end of the day. Washing off the mud before it dries prevents bacteria from growing, which can start to rot and weaken the fabric.
  1. Hang it up
  • Don’t leave your gear in a heap on the floor or in wet conditions. Find a hook and hang your jacket and overtrousers up. They’ll dry faster and hanging them up and keeping them out of wet conditions minimises the opportunity for bacteria to grow and break down the fabric.
  1. Don’t use detergent
  • Washing your rainwear with detergent is one of the worst things you can do. Powdered detergents can affect the quality of the seam sealing tape that makes Betacraft gear waterproof. If you have to wash your gear, use a cool wash (<50°) with no detergent. Do not dry clean, iron or bleach.
  1. Go easy on the crotch
  • When you take your overtrousers off at the end of the day, please don’t fold your leggings inside out over the top of your gumboots. It puts a lot of pressure on the inside lining and the crotch seam. It also doesn't allow for complete drying of the fabrics. Repeated strain can cause the seam sealing tape to weaken and give way. Instead, lay your overtrousers out or ideally hang them up to enable full drying.


The Technidairy range has been thoughtfully crafted to withstand the acids and detergents used in dairy shed wash down. This range is 100% waterproof and constructed using ultra-high frequency welded seams. It’s superior flexibility and stretch provide the ultimate in comfort and durability.


Light, comfortable and unfailingly waterproof, Technidairy is your go jacket for the dairy shed. It'll stand up to all the acids and detergents, whilst being 100% waterproof, and having excellent stretch.

100% waterproof icon
100% waterproof | 8,000mm/m²/24hr
Acid resistant icon - for dairy farming
Acid resistant | Designed for dairy
100% windproof | For the extremes
Four way stretch icon - flexible
4-way stretch | Maximum flexibility
Seam sealed | Ultra high frequency welded