Dunlop Snugboot Pioneer

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The perfect boot for standing on the cold concrete in the milking shed for hours during those frosty mornings.

Or pair with your ISO940 for warm feet while working in the coldest of the winter months while feeding out or working in the stockyards. 

We love the neoprene upper for less bulk underneath your overtrousers and flexibility while getting in and out of vehicles. 

This super warm and lightweight boot will be your go to for shifting break fences, sitting in the tractor or racing to pick the kids up from the school bus. 

Brilliant boot, great tread, no slipping on the hills. Amazing ankle support, very comfortable and enjoyable to wear.”

Pete Noble | July 2022

All Gumboots are in Men's UK sizing

  • Sturdy outsole design for offering extra stability while walking or standing
  • Flexible and supple for retaining ease of movement
  • Cold insulation rated at -20˚ C
  • O4 certified
  • SRC certified slip resistant outsole
  • Waterproof
  • Oil resistant outsole
  • Chemical resistant
  • Energy absorbing


The first breathable and waterproof upper

LAYER 1: Water repellent and wear and tear resistant outer layer
LAYER 2: Waterproof and breathable membrane
LAYER 3: Moisture wicking lightweight foam
LAYER 4: Antimicrobial abrasion resistant lining



Purofort guarantees long lasting comfort

Purofort® boots are up to 35% lighter than PVC, rubber or competitive PU boots. No more tired feet!
Purofort® prevents heat loss and provides thermal insulation down to -20˚C and even to -50˚C. No more cold feet!
Purofort® is extremely flexible, giving you maximum comfort.
Purofort® provides maximum stretch, assuring your boots a longer life-time.



Care instructions
  • Clean regularly with water and suitable cleaning product
  • Do not soak in detergent or other chemicals
  • Clean every day during intensive use
  • Rinse inside of boots regularly with clean water
  • Allow boots to dry and breathe between use
  • Dunlop Snugboot. The world's most comfortable boot.

    You’re the world’s makers and doers. The power behind the economy. The re-builders, the growers, the movers and the diggers. We depend on you. For food and shelter. Roads and bridges. Warmth and energy. Safety and security. Our world depends on you. Day in and day out, you work with care and dedication. And that is why, day in and day out, we work for you. By innovating to make the best product for you. That’s why we reinvented rubber and made a boot out of Purofort. To give you the safety and comfort you deserve.


    The first breathable and waterproof upper.

    LAYER 1: Water repellent and wear and tear resistant outer layer
    LAYER 2: Waterproof and breathable membrane
    LAYER 3: Moisture wicking lightweight foam
    LAYER 4: Antimicrobial abrasion resistant lining