Merino Calf Ergo Sock

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Socks that stay put, are the perfect thickness, breathable, easy to wash, and that don’t wear out after one season.

Is that too much to ask? We didn’t think so. 

These socks are crafted using two types of wool – traditional high-quality Merino and Herculan® strong wool. Revolutionary Nuyarn® spinning technology is used to create Herculan® strong wool, utilising wool fibres typically found in carpets and renowned for its strength. Herculan® strong wool is remarkably soft while retaining its durable qualities and lasting 8.8x longer than standard merino wool.

The specialist knitting of these socks has enabled the precision placement of these fabric technologies. The softest Merino is against the wearer's skin, while the high-impact zones on the exterior of the sock, such as the toe and heel, have been knitted with Herculan® strong wool. These high-impact zones have additional ComfortZone padding for warmth and cushioning. Throughout the shaft of the sock, the ESS Elastic Support System ensures minimal bulk, while keeping the sock in place. 

TLDR: These socks have strong/coarse wool in them, which has been spun in a cool way that makes traditionally itchy wool nice to wear. 

  • Elastic knitted throughout to keep your socks up
  • Cushioning on impact zones
  • Arch support with strengthened elastic
  • Ribbed rim structured cuff 
  • Mesh outlining to remove bulk and support moisture management
  • Herculan strong wool heel and toe
  • No seams to reduce irritation

Merino + Strong Wool 47%
Lycra 20%
Spandex 21%
Nylon 12%

Care Instructions
  • Cold machine wash
  • Low tumble dry
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean


"Over several years we used the principle of Nuyarn® spinning, redesigned the machines and finally managed to create, what until now has been impossible:

A yarn that is fine enough to wear, made from carpet wool. We created Herculan®."